Types Of Surfboards





We recently discussed the best locations to surf and surf tips for beginners. Now let’s delve deeper into the topic of surfing itself by examining the different types of surfboards that are used.


The longboard, commonly referred to as the malibu has a rounded nose with a single fin. These type of boards are normally 9’0” and upwards in length and are typically best surfboard for a novice surfers. The malibu provides larger and wider mals that provide increased stability, and helps to uncomplicate the action of catching waves.


The shortboard is also referred to as the thruster.  These boards are usually  5’8” to 6’10” in length. Typically a shortboard is used to achieve quick tricks on waves and is the most favored surfboard design. There is very little difference between shortboards and longboards, the only exception being shortboards mostly have three fins instead of one.


The fish more narrow but still very much complementary to the shortboard. Fish boards are normally  between 4’8” and 6’0” and have a wider, more rounded shape.


The Gun
Comparatively, the gun is a larger version of the shortboard and is typically used for catching big waves. The gun is generally between 7’2” over 12′ in length. The expanded length of the board is what enables it to paddle into bigger waves.


Pop-out boards are made of foam layered with heavy fiberglass and are virtually unbreakable. The pop-out is another great  beginner board  because of it is inexpensive cost compared to o a custom-made fiberglass board and this board floats extremely well.


Honorable mention: Foamies: these boards are typically used for new learners in surf schools. The boards get their name from the material that are constructed from, foam. A quintessential foamie normally has a length of 9′.


Thank you for reading!!

Bryan Cappelli