Travel Hacks: 6 Tips For Travelers

travel hacks

It’s generally an advantage when you are able to receive counsel from someone who has previous experience in traveling and more importantly, packing for traveling. Sometimes the most difficult part of traveling is packing properly. In an effort to assist you with saving space in your luggage and avoiding the dreaded baggage check, I’ve included some tips below.

Travel Hacks:

Shoes and socks
It is not necessary to store shoes, socks, and underwear separately. Simply place underwear and socks in shoes to free up space.

Dryer sheets
Yes, you read that right! Dryer sheets are a quick and simple solution to keeping your clothes crisp and smelling good.

Multipurpose organizers

  • Binder clips: roll headphones around a binder clip. Doing so will restrict them from tangling.
  • Tic Tacs: tic tac containers can be used as storage for bobby pins
  • Weekly pill containers and glasses case: use an old weekly pill container to store and organize jewelry or a glasses case to secure usb cables and chargers.

Keep passing those passwords around
You can easily obtain WiFi passwords to whichever location you are traveling to by reviewing the comment section on FourSquare.

Roll, don’t fold
You can  save a ton of space in your suitcase by rolling clothes instead of folding them. Keep in mind, rolling clothes may eliminates creases on some items but can severely wrinkle others.

Give back
We often have to exchange our U.S. dollars for the currency of the location we are visiting and once we return home, we don’t think anything of it. Instead of holding on to money that we may never use, try to donate whatever you have left to a charity or a homeless shelter.

Thank you for reading and safe travels!

Bryan Cappelli