Surf Tips For Beginners

beginner surfer

Surf means so many different things for many different people. For some surfing is a devotion and for others it is a sincere fascination. Just as some might describe love, surfing has many guises.

Nonetheless, similar to every sport, surfing requires maximum amounts of time, patience, and the willingness to master how to do it. Surfing may not be the most effortless sport to learn, but it is not as complicated as many thinks.


Tips for beginners:

Surfboard must-haves

Beginner surfers should acquire soft surfboards. The top-selling surfboard in the world are not only fun but entry-level as well. Soft top boards boards make it easier for your body to tolerate the elements as a beginner surfer.

Surf in less populated locations

Choosing to surf in a less populated location grants you access to more waves. Why do you need more waves? Well, riding more waves will enhance your skillset and help you get better faster.

Pop up practice

This may appear to be a dull task, but it is imperative that you allow yourself sometime to practice popping up on your surfboard. Practice your pop by placing your board in the sand (be sure to insert a small hole in the sand to place your fins in). Next, imagine standing on a wave. this movement should be immediate while at the same time being fluid.

The art of shuffling your feet

Although this does not have much to do with actually riding a wave, learning how to shuffle your feet will dramatically decrease the chances of you getting stung by a stingray

Oh how sweet!

Surfers must find their sweet spot on their boards. If you paddle too isolated, in other words, too far back,  you will find yourself going slow. And if your paddle happens to be too far up you will force the nose of your board to dig underwater. In an effort to avoid this, you need to locate the right spot in the center, stamp that spot with a piece of wax, and be sure to propel in that exact position.


These are just a few helpful tips for beginners. Be sure to stay tuned for more!


Thanks for reading!

Bryan Cappelli