The 2016 World Surf League Women’s Championship Tour will feature six Australian competitors, five Hawaiian surfers, three US riders, and solo competitors from South Africa, Barbados, and France:   Carissa Moore, Hawaii 23 year old, Carissa Moore was the 2011, 2013, and 2016 WSL Women’s World Tour Champion. Moore also holds 11 NSSA titles.   Courtney Conlogue, USA Courtney hails… Read more →

2016 World Surf League Tour

Founded in 1976, the professional surf tour pays tribute to the prestigious athletes, varied fans, and devoted associates that exemplify what professional surfing is today.   The World Surf League currently organizes a yearly tour of professional surf competitions and broadcasts each event on the WSL website, Not only does the World Surf League make  competitive surfing accessible from… Read more →

The 2016 Arctic Games

  The Arctic Winter Games is the world’s biggest multi-sport and social occasion in the Arctic. This event is a worldwide biennial festival of circumpolar games and culture for a week, with an alternate country as the host each time. AWG commends sports, social connection and society. The Games add to developing  mindfulness on social differing qualities, and creates competitors… Read more →

Galapagos Island: Surf Destination of the Month

Baja, Hawaii, and California are among the top and well…most common options for the month of February. However, with the dangerously strong weather that accompanies El Nino may not always be favorable to the surfing conditions of California and the surrounding areas. If you’re searching for light winds and warm weather, the Galapagos Islands are your best bet. Here are… Read more →

Valentine’s Day Getaways

Valentine’s day happens to always have a habit of sneaking up on us. Before you know it, it’s February 13th and you suddenly remember you have forgotten to make plans. Last year around this time I came across an article which was dedicated to listing “affordable and very road trip-able North American cities” for Valentine’s day. Below you can find… Read more →

Travel Hacks: 6 Tips For Travelers

It’s generally an advantage when you are able to receive counsel from someone who has previous experience in traveling and more importantly, packing for traveling. Sometimes the most difficult part of traveling is packing properly. In an effort to assist you with saving space in your luggage and avoiding the dreaded baggage check, I’ve included some tips below. Travel Hacks:… Read more →

Apps Every Surfer Needs

Unknown to many, surfers actually have an abundance of apps accessible to them. If you were to type in the word “surf” in any app store, hundreds of weather forecasting apps, surfing related games, and social sites are available. Here is a list of a few apps you should check out.   Surf Stoked Created by Eddy Azar, this app… Read more →

Types Of Surfboards

      We recently discussed the best locations to surf and surf tips for beginners. Now let’s delve deeper into the topic of surfing itself by examining the different types of surfboards that are used.   Longboard The longboard, commonly referred to as the malibu has a rounded nose with a single fin. These type of boards are normally… Read more →

Surf Tips For Beginners

Surf means so many different things for many different people. For some surfing is a devotion and for others it is a sincere fascination. Just as some might describe love, surfing has many guises. Nonetheless, similar to every sport, surfing requires maximum amounts of time, patience, and the willingness to master how to do it. Surfing may not be the… Read more →