Apps Every Surfer Needs

surf app

Unknown to many, surfers actually have an abundance of apps accessible to them. If you were to type in the word “surf” in any app store, hundreds of weather forecasting apps, surfing related games, and social sites are available. Here is a list of a few apps you should check out.


Surf Stoked

Created by Eddy Azar, this app permits users to account for each step of  their surf session and offer the data and display it for their peers to see. Subsequent to arranging the application’s active mail server, users have the ability to share live images and evaluations of the day’s surf, and they can even welcome their peers to join them at their next session.


This app was created by Nick Mohnacky as a way for users to document surf conditions and bolster common good by keeping in mind the end goal to decide medicinal, clean water, sanitation and protection needs in beach front groups over the globe.


iSurfer is a vigorous accumulation of applications intended for surfers of all aptitude levels, furnishing tips on strategy, surfboard choice and repair, and the capacity to share information about your surf sessions.


goFlow gives clients the chance to share stories, images, and messages with their peers in a time frame of less than 15 seconds. Users also have the ability to quickly impart information regarding surface conditions, wave, and general surf quality.


Coasting pairs real conditions with perfect wind and bearings for your most loved breaks and shows the information in a spotless, straightforward interface. This app can even propose a locations to surf and permit you to look at the recommendation against option breaks.


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Bryan Cappelli